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Invest in Your Comms Team

Our intensive development session delivers fresh tactical approaches to defending your organisation and how to maximise impacts of proactive storytelling.

The session is delivered by Ally Mclaws (former NHS corporate communications director, daily newspaper news editor and award winning journalist)) and Logan Taylor (former editor, splash-sub editor and Masters level university journalism tutor).

After a recent session was delivered in NHS Lothian, this was the feedback from Judith McKay, NHS Lothian’s Director of Communications, Engagement and Public Affairs:

Ally and Logan keep it real with recognisable scenarios my team found relevant and relatable. We got fresh perspectives on how to tackle the trickiest of situations ,and tactics to convert adversity to opportunity. Every single member of my team reported they’d got a lot from the day and left feeling re-energised and better equipped to meet the challenges we face. I’d highly recommend it to any communications team.”

Other feedback included this from a seasoned communications manager:

“The day gave me a confidence boost (showing me I should trust my knowledge and  instincts); recharged my batteries (energy and enthusiasm can be sapped by frequent reactive media work) and provided a timely and valuable refresher on the subject of effective reactive and proactive media relations.”

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