Expertise To Tap Into

Reputation Enhancement

McLaws Consultancy will research, plan and deliver reputation-enhancing campaigns across all media platforms, each one tailored to the individual needs of your business.

The work we do with you will boost professional, political and public perception of your business.

Our proven track record in delivering solutions in a crisis is matched only by our ability to maximise positive and effective media exposure when you
have a good news story to tell.

Media Training

Ally McLaws has extensive personal experience of interacting positively with the media at all levels, from national and international television crews, through the Scottish press, TV, radio and local media.

Our expert training programme can help prepare your senior management team to deliver their message effectively.  

We'll strengthen your internal resilience, inject new confidence and skills in your team using techniques developed over many years.

Crisis Management

Expert media handling in challenging times is the art of protecting and enhancing reputations.There are no second chances to get things right and often there’s not a lot of time to plan your strategy, tactics and approaches.

Having the right level of experienced senior handling advice is crucial.

You’ll have the personal attention of Ally McLaws at your service –  anticipating and avoiding every pitfall … and recognising and exploiting every opportunity.

Investing in Your Comms Team

Taking a day out of a hectic comms schedule and driving forward the reputational good news stories is a really a good idea…. but only if the "day away from the coal-face” is worthwhile.

If it re-energisesand stimulates new ideas and opportunities to put the buzz back in the team and equip everyone with some new thinking then it’s something  you might want to consider.

Investing in your team will be beneficial to your organisation – to team morale and to your reputation as their leader.

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